Collection: ritual collection

Coffee is healing.

My morning coffee is medicine for my mind, body and soul. I sip slowly from my favorite handmade mugs and meditate on the taste, visual patterns and warmth on my skin. It serves an opportunity to slow down, relax, be present and awaken to a new morning. It’s an opportunity to explore new environments or feel nostalgia for past ones, to connect with loved ones or strangers.

Ritual is the result of a two-year long study of coffee as paint, dye and ink. This body of work represents all the moods and emotions I associate with my morning coffee, like comfort, coziness, presence and peace. It celebrates the simplistic beauty of natural formation and texture, incorporating materials like sand, clay and chalk. The title ‘Ritual’, reflects how sacred my daily practice of morning coffee is.

This collection is made exclusively from natural, sustainable, and non-toxic materials.