Making a Difference Through Art and Partnership

As an artist deeply committed to sustainability, I've had the distinct privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of eco-conscious brands to further our shared values. Each partnership is a significant step in my journey to transform how we perceive and utilize art and design materials, focusing on sustainability and eco-friendliness. These collaborations are more than business ventures; they are collective efforts to achieve a monumental task: changing the way we think about and use products in our daily lives.


British Vogue: A collaboration that brought sustainable art into the world of high fashion.

HP: Working together to sustainably turn trash into treasure.

Adobe: Sharing tutorials for creative solutions.

BuzzFeed: An interview that highlighted eco-art in popular media.

TikTok: A platform that has been instrumental in spreading the message of sustainable art practices.

St. Leo Interior Paint: Promoting sustainable paint

3 Days of Design at The Audo: Collaborating to showcase sustainable art in the world of high design.

Papirvaerk DK: Partnering to promote the use of eco-friendly paper art prints.

Environmental Working Group: Working together to advocate for better regulation of toxins in everyday products. 

Smithsonian Institute: A prestigious partnership to bring awareness to sustainable art.

Natural Earth Paint: An alliance to bring natural, non-toxic paints to artists everywhere.

Blick Art Materials: Collaborating in support of local artists.

Korres: Merging the world of art with natural, eco-conscious beauty products.

Meeden Art: Working together to develop and promote sustainable art supplies.

Smartist App: Partnering in the digital realm to show the interior design potential of sustainable artwork.

Tastemade Home: A collaboration to promote a natural and accessible approach to paint-making.

A Collective Impact

Each of these collaborations has been a stepping stone towards a larger goal: to influence the art world and beyond in making conscious, sustainable choices. By working with these esteemed brands and organizations, we are collectively paving the way for a future where art and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Together, we are making a difference.

Let's collaborate

I'm excited about the prospect of working with your brand. If you're interested in discussing potential collaborations, please read more here.

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