At A Glance: 

Rachel Mishael is an abstract artist with an exclusive focus on natural and eco-friendly materials. Her work honors the raw beauty of plants and minerals, evoking a tranquil sense of nature indoors. She is known by millions across social media as a leading voice of the contemporary ‘eco-artist’ movement. 

Artistic Journey 

Born and raised in the eclectic East Village of New York, Rachel Mishael's artistic journey intertwines with the city’s vibrant tapestry of art, design, and culture. Her exploration of various art forms led her to a profound connection with abstract painting in her late teens, becoming a therapeutic refuge for her ongoing battle with severe mental health issues.

It’s the best way I know how to slow down racing thoughts and live in the present. It's my own form of meditation

To counter her anxiety and OCD, Mishael seeks calmness and peace in her practice. She finds natural environments bring this out best for her, thus she strives to communicate those same feelings through her painted surface expressions. Her artworks highlight the breathtaking beauty of raw materials and exhibit how their thoughtful presence in our spaces evoke a sense of tranquility and awe.

Her compositional choices are intuitively and emotionally driven. Conceptually, Mishael’s practice carries undertones that address crucial themes of sustainability, health, and social equity. 

Stylistically, Mishael draws inspiration from Scandinavian, Japanese and Mediterranean design. These cultural influences emphasize the effortless connection between simplicity and natural elements, and elevate the artwork to a profound exploration of the fundamental relationship between humanity and the natural world.

Mishael's stylistic choices aren't just aesthetic preferences; they are a deliberate strategy to engage viewers in contemplation, inviting them to connect with the essence of nature in a world now dominated by manufactured environments.

On Social 

Did you know paint is the largest source of microplastics in our oceans? Or that most common paints off-gas toxic VOC fumes? By raising awareness of these issues on social media and offering educational resources and tutorials for sustainable alternatives, Mishael has become a trendsetter and a leader within the artist community. Mishael not only shares her artistic process but advocates for environmental and health consciousness in the art and design industries. Her work challenges the status quo and calls for industry-wide change. She has built a .5 million-strong eco-artist community, and brought her own #ecoartrevolution hashtag to 7 million TikTokers.