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Rachel Mishael Studio



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Collection: Ritual

Materials: coffee, gypsum, Santa Monica sand, coffee grounds on wood

Size: 9" x 12"

Year: 2022

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About the artwork

This abstract artwork explores the feeling of being grounded, both physically and emotionally. The natural, soft color palette offers the clarity and comfort of feeling grounded emotionally, while the earthy texture captures the essence of physical grounding. The use of sustainable materials like coffee, sand, and earth pigment adds an eco-conscious dimension to the composition, enhancing its inherent simplicity and textured allure. The piece exudes a calming and peaceful mood, becoming a visual sanctuary that transcends the canvas. Its compatibility with Minimalistic, Scandinavian, and Rustic interior design styles underscores its versatile aesthetic, offering not only a visual feast but a soothing ambiance that resonates with the essence of nature and simplicity.