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Rachel Mishael Studio



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My eternal romance with the cosmos

Channeling the divine, I dream of imaginary worlds

An ethereal trance of the galaxies


Collection: Ritual

Materials: coffee, natural earth pigment, paper on wooden panel

Size: 9" x 12"

Year: 2022

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About the artwork

"Source" is an enchanting vision that narrates the journey of a soul intertwined with the cosmos. Crafted with a celestial touch, the artwork merges earthy tones with ethereal sparkles, mirroring the interstellar dance of stardust. Its sustainable essence transcends beyond aesthetics, employing organic coffee, earth pigment, and non-toxic handmade watercolor on SFI sustainable paper, framed in natural wood. This artistic odyssey tells a tale of spiritual awakening, inviting viewers to connect with the universe through awe-inspiring color and formation. Immersed in nature-inspired serenity, this eco-friendly masterpiece seamlessly blends intuitive abstract elements with contemporary grace. Stylistically, the piece embodies a rustic, bohemian spirit. Crafted with environmentally conscious practices, the use of non-toxic, eco-friendly paints ensures an organic and biodegradable creation. This artwork not only resonates with interior design trends but also stands as a testament to its climate-friendly, sustainable, and earth-friendly essence, making it a truly ethically crafted masterpiece.