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Rachel Mishael Studio



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This work is a meditation on the meaning and feeling of a breath. How it relates to our own bodies and our environment. In each breath we take, we connect with all other living beings. The air we exhale becomes the same air they inhale, and the air we inhale comes from the same air they exhaled. All that exists is connected.

Collection: Ritual

Materials: coffee, coffee grounds, Santa Monica sand, gypsum, Belgian chalk, handmade watercolors on handmade cotton canvas

Size: 30" x 40"

Year: 2022

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About the artwork

This spiritually infused, eco-conscious artwork beautifully captures the symbiotic relationship between our breath and the collective life force of all living beings, illustrating the profound interconnectedness that defines existence. With every breath, we forge a connection with the broader tapestry of life, as the air we release mingles seamlessly with that which others inhale, creating an unbroken cycle of shared vitality. In this enchanting masterpiece, the synergy of nature-inspired elements and environmentally friendly practices unfolds in a seamless dance of aesthetics and consciousness. A true testament to intuitive creativity, the abstract and contemporary composition draws inspiration from the marvels of nature, embracing an airy, light, softy, cloud-like sense of calm. Stylistically inspired by Scandinavian design, the artwork seamlessly integrates organic and biodegradable materials, showcasing environmentally conscious and sustainable practices. Painted with non-toxic, eco-friendly earth pigments, it stands as an ethical embodiment of environmental mindfulness in art. This piece not only enriches interior design with its subtle yet impactful presence but also serves as a conscientious celebration of earth-friendly creativity.