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Rachel Mishael Studio



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Simplicity evokes a sense of presence; a visual representation of mindfulness. With her subtle and serene energy, she whispers peaceful messages to you from your wall. She reminds you to breathe, to rest and to stay soft. If you value the beauty in simplicity, this painting was made for you.


Collection: Ritual

Materials: coffee, gypsum, California sand on wood

Size: 9" x 12"

Year: 2022

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About the artwork

In the quiet retreat of my coastal haven, I found solace in creating "Presence," an intimate reflection of my journey towards mindful living. With a palette derived from the earth's gentle embrace—soothing neutrals, earthy browns, and whispers of gray—this abstract artwork exudes simplicity and tranquility. The simple monochromatic composition draws all attention to the materials: a homemade concoction of coffee, gypsum, and local sand—an eco-friendly fusion that reflects my commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. As "Presence" hangs in your space, it becomes an aesthetic sanctuary of peace, inviting you to partake in moments of meditation.