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“Winter” is an ethereal dreamscape of earthly texture. This aerial view of my imagined winter landscape depicts a rugged, natural terrain, where foggy mountain sides are etched with jagged ridges and deep valleys, frozen lakes and rivers gracefully wind through the vast wilderness, and snow-capped summits stand tall in majestic splendor.

Each season is a testament to the cyclical rhythm of existence, reminding us to embrace life with gratitude and grace, to find solace in the profound interconnectedness of all things, and to savor the fleeting beauty of every moment. In winter's quiet embrace, we discover the power of stillness and introspection, learning to find peace in moments of solitude and reflection. An ode to the winter season, this work is an immersive experience; an invitation to explore other-worldly beauty.

Collection: Ritual

Materials: coffee, Belgian chalk, gypsum, handmade watercolor on wood

Size: 13" x 30"

Year: 2022

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About the artwork

Embark on a nature-inspired visual journey through the enchanting realm of "Winter," an eco-friendly and intuitive contemporary abstract work. It unfolds as an aerial dreamscape, where textured coffee rivers gracefully wind through creamy valleys, and frothy mountains stand tall in majestic splendor. This earthy artwork is a testament to environmentally conscious practices. Entirely biodegradable, it is crafted on a sustainable eco wood panel with organic coffee, Belgian chalk, natural plaster, handmade non-toxic watercolors, earth pigment and natural pigment. The rustic style and neutral tones, along with the textured composition, invite you to explore the intersection of the organic and the ethereal. “Winter" is an immersive experience; an invitation to explore the other-worldly beauty of my imagined landscape. This natural eco artwork offers a sense of peace and coziness, making it a perfect fit for many popular interior design styles, particularly Scandinavian, japandi, boho, contemporary, minimalist, rustic, primitive, and farmhouse.