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Rachel Mishael Studio



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Collection: Ritual

Materials: coffee, California sand, natural plaster, handmade watercolor on wood

Size: 11" x 14"

Year: 2022

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About the artwork

This abstract artwork is an evocative exploration of tranquility and harmony through the lens of natural elements and sustainable materials. The earthy, muted color palette of coffee, sand, and earth pigment establishes a serene atmosphere, while the textured and simple composition encourages a tactile engagement. The piece is a visual embodiment of calmness and peace, resonating with the essence of nature. Crafted from natural and sustainable materials, it symbolizes a harmonious coexistence with the environment. Its compatibility with Minimalistic, Scandinavian, and Rustic interior design styles suggests a seamless integration into spaces that prioritize simplicity and a connection to nature. In essence, this artwork is an ode to serenity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a peaceful dialogue with the raw beauty of the earth.