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Rachel Mishael Studio

Serene II

Serene II

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Collection: Ritual

Materials: coffee and handmade watercolor on cotton canvas

Size: 11″ x 14″

Year: 2022

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About the artwork

This eco-friendly artwork, born from a joyful accident, captures the essence of my intuitive painting process, where I embrace the unexpected with open arms. As I navigated the canvas, the spontaneous interplay of earthy hues, nature-inspired forms, and textured contrasts took on a life of its own, giving rise to a harmonious serenity that speaks to the beauty found in unpredictability. Each unconscious choice contributes to a visual symphony. This abstract artwork, a celebration of flow state, invites viewers to revel in the spontaneity of the artistic journey and find beauty in the environmentally friendly materials and mindful elements that formed this sustainable creation.