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Rachel Mishael Studio

project expansion 00

project expansion 00

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Starting in the physical form with project expansion 00 and expanding digitally, this collection explores the limitless directions we can take a single work across mediums.

Size: 11”x14”

Year: 2020

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About the artwork

“Project Expansion 00" is a mesmerizing abstract painting that captures the essence of simplicity and sophistication. The color palette, comprising a brown and white spectrum, forms a harmonious blend reminiscent of natural elements. Through a technique that involves countless layers of paint, the canvas comes alive as paint glides, splatters, bubbles, drips, and smears, creating a visual symphony of textures. Soft-edged shapes, existing somewhere between fluid and structured, dance across the canvas with a graceful spontaneity. Bold contrasts add a dynamic energy to the piece, ensuring that each layer of paint tells a story of its own. The overall style embraces influences from Scandinavian, rustic, wabi-sabi, Japandi, and contemporary aesthetics.The Scandinavian influence is evident in the minimalist approach, where simplicity is celebrated. Rustic elements add warmth and character to the composition, while the wabi-sabi philosophy embraces imperfections, acknowledging the transient beauty of the artwork. The Japandi and contemporary influences infuse the piece with a charming modernity, creating a delightful fusion of styles. ”Project Expansion 00" is a visual journey that seamlessly blends elements of nature with modern design principles. It invites viewers to appreciate the beauty in simplicity, revel in the nuanced textures, and experience the charm of a painting that effortlessly transcends time and trends.