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Rachel Mishael Studio

pimlico 01

pimlico 01

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High quality print on sustainable paper, available from Papirvaerk

Size: 18" x 24"

Year: 2020

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About the artwork

Dive into the nostalgic embrace of this contemporary abstract masterpiece, an homage to my profound connection with the city of London and the neighborhoods I resided, most favorably, the charming neighborhood of Pimlico. Channelling the cozy moments of a grey and rainy day in pimlico, I let my intuition slowly guide my hand. The palette captures this misty, foggy essence. Textured layers, reminiscent of old, weathered walls, weave a tapestry of time. Each brushstroke peeling back the layers of the city's rich narrative, telling tales of resilience and endurance, as if the canvas itself has weathered the elements. The interplay of textures and tones creates a dynamic visual narrative, mirroring the city's dynamic spirit. It's a celebration of London's contradictions—the beauty found in its decay, the poetry in its weathered walls, and the echoes of centuries that linger in every stroke.