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Rachel Mishael Studio



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I paint intuitively. I don’t plan anything, I prefer to follow my instinct and make spontaneous decisions as I go. My process varies, but I often naturally tend toward softness, blending, subtlety, muted colors and cohesion. 

But sometimes, a mark is so compelling, so interesting, so bold and so powerful that it needs to stand out. Blending it would take away its power. These kind of marks are intentional: they know what they want to say, and they say it. 

OUTSPOKEN embraces this truth. 

transitions: a zero‑waste collection

mixed media on reused canvas

2021 | 36” x 48” | 2500

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Size: 36” x 48”

Year: 2021

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About the artwork

In this bold abstract artwork, the canvas is a dynamic interplay of strong contrasts and rigid lines, creating a visual symphony that demands attention. The artist fearlessly employs vibrant and intense colors, fostering a sense of dynamism and energy. Sharp, rigid lines intersect and diverge, carving out a geometric landscape that exudes a robust and impactful presence. The high-contrast elements heighten the dramatic effect, evoking a powerful visual tension. The composition is an exploration of boldness, where each line and contrast becomes a declaration of strength, offering viewers a striking visual experience that challenges the boundaries of conventional aesthetics. This artwork is a celebration of assertiveness and visual prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the observer's perception.