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Rachel Mishael Studio

oat chai latte

oat chai latte

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St. Leo Dolomite Plaster on wood

Available for EU shipping from Denmark. Please email to purchase. 

Size: 25" x 33"

Year: 2021

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About the artwork

My creative process is propelled by a liberating spontaneity, fostering a dynamic and unbridled exploration of creativity. At times, I purposefully chase after a captivating vision or idea that has seized my imagination; other times, I surrender to intuition, applying paint to the surface and navigating the path that resonates with authenticity. I wholeheartedly embrace the tactile qualities of natural materials, allowing them to guide me towards earthy textures and marks that evoke a grounded connection to our environment. While marveling at the exquisite cuts of sustainable plywood, an intuitive desire arose to reveal and complement its enchanting raw patterns and textures. My artistic practice is dedicated to forging unique connections between raw textures, earth pigments, and natural materials, drawing inspiration from the raw, unaltered materials borrowed harmoniously from the earth. Light, shadow, and texture are profound wellsprings of inspiration, as is the interplay between nature and minimalist design. From the ridges on a sandy beach to the weathered stone of an ancient building, I am captivated by the unpredictable beauty of natural textures, their imperfect patterns, and distinctive formations. The dance of light and shadow across the peaks and slopes of raised textures holds a particular fascination. Crafted in harmony with the natural surroundings of North Sealand, Denmark, beneath the warm sunlight, nestled between the sea and forest, these textures are informed by the rich tapestry of nature that envelops me.