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Rachel Mishael Studio



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St. Leo Dolomite Plaster on wood

Available for EU shipping from Denmark. Please email to purchase. 

*available unframed*

Size: 25" x 33"

Year: 2021

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About the artwork

Embarking on this artistic journey, my initial aim was to materialize a specific vision that occupied my mind, though uncertainty clouded its feasibility. As I progressed, an overwhelming sense of pride, gratitude, and excitement enveloped me, revealing the perfect harmony achieved in molding @stleointeriors' dolomite plaster paint into the earthy, woody, rustic texture I envisioned. Guided by a liberating and spontaneous emotion-driven process, I oscillate between intentional pursuits of calming abstract compositions and the organic flow of moving my hand freely and intuitively. This particular piece stands as a testament to following my intuition entirely, resulting in a creation that genuinely impressed even myself—an unprecedented experience marked by a profound, connected energy. Admiring the natural, subtle details of these sustainable wood panels sparked an intuitive desire to expose and complement its raw patterns. This painted interpretation, crafted with dolomite stone, recycled ash, marble, and earth pigments layered on wood, establishes a raised texture, capturing the essence of natural wood. Guided by my principle of 'Paint to express, not to impress,' every element of this work resonates with a harmonious sense of authenticity.”  The simplicity of the composition fits perfectly for interior design styles like minimalist, Scandinavian, Japandi and contemporary.