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Rachel Mishael Studio



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My latest body of work, Ritual, is the result of a two-year long study of coffee as paint, dye and ink. These works represents all the moods and emotions I associate with my morning coffee, like comfort, coziness, presence and peace. It celebrates the simplistic beauty of natural formation and texture, incorporating materials like sand, clay and chalk. The title ‘Ritual’, reflects how sacred my daily practice of morning coffee is. This collection is made exclusively from natural, sustainable, and non-toxic materials.

Collection: Ritual

Materials: Coffee on paper. Sold unframed.


Size: 11” x 14”

Year: 2022

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About the artwork

In the serene sanctuary of the forest floor, a harmonious symphony unfolds as nature's unsung artists, fungi, delicately weave their intricate tapestry. These resilient organisms, often overlooked, showcase their beauty in an enchanting display. Captivated by the delicate allure of these magnificent wonders, I embarked on a mindful journey to translate their ethereal charm into a captivating painting. Using mushroom-infused coffee as both medium and muse, the canvas takes on organic blotchy patterns reminiscent of the intricacy of a fungi web. This work narrates a story of resilience and interconnectedness, of life and death, reflecting the regenerative spirit of the forest. By celebrating the quiet poetry of the natural world, this abstract artwork invites viewers to explore the enchantment thriving beneath the forest canopy, fostering a connection with Mother natures’s intricate and responsible design.