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Rachel Mishael Studio

blank pages

blank pages

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Clay plaster and paint on canvas

Size: 2 (24" x 36")

Year: 2023

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About the artwork

This minimalist diptych is entirely composed of natural, sustainable, and non-toxic clay paint. This breathtakingly beautiful, earthy paint breathes life into a canvas reminiscent of natural handmade paper. Its title echoes the essence of untouched potential, inviting viewers to inscribe their own stories upon its surface.  Layers of light earth tones create a serene yet dynamic composition, embodying the essence of Scandinavian, Japandi, boho, contemporary, minimalist, rustic, and primitive interior design styles. In its quiet elegance, this work not only graces spaces with timeless aesthetics but also advocates for a conscious and mindful connection with nature through its earth-friendly materials. "Blank Pages" is not merely an artwork; it's an invitation to embrace simplicity, sustainability, and the boundless possibilities that unfold within the canvas of our lives.